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Label New and innovative, the “1 Click Probability Universal Calculator” aims to assist users who are not experts in statistics to be able to calculate probabilities in a practical and intuitive way by a single click. The tool targets the general public (non-graduates, undergraduates, graduates, students, businessman) helping them to make decisions based on probabilities. Statistical knowledge is not required. The tool can assist users to make decisions involving probabilities such as:

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Example 1: You measured the travel time from home to office 30 times and now you wish to know the odds of arriving in the office up to 45 minutes.

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Example 2: As a supervisor of an administrative process, you have measured the processing time of 40 tickets. Now, you want to know the odds of processing a ticket up to 15 minutes.

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Example 3: You have a barber shop, and after measuring the waiting time of 20 customers, you wish to know the odds of having a customer waiting for more than 25 minutes.

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Label Note that the tool also returns a value for the level of uncertainty of the probability calculated (that majorly depends on the size of the sample). Don’t worry about statistical assumptions and techniques, leave it for the tool. We provide examples and a study about the validity and reliability of the calculation: examples ; valid.&reliab.

Label If you have a sample data just follow the steps below.


Step 1) Specify what you want to calculate: 

I wish to know the odds of getting a number     than the value      Ex: 100.1


Step 2) Paste your sample data in the text box and press "Calculate".

(up to 2000 numbers separated by at least one space)

Ex: 113.47 86.62 91.99 86.56 111.51 84.44 78.73 111.06 91.53 107.23



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