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Label Nonparametric tests are often used as an alternative for mean comparisons when the data is not normally distributed. In this case, non-parametric tests usually compare medians. The tool can assist users to solve problems like:

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In a company, historic data indicate that the average sale was $200 per transaction. After training your sales team, recent sales data (taken from a sample of 40 salesmen) indicates an average sale of $220. Considering the data is not normally distributed, did the training work?
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As a supervisor of an administrative process, you have developed a different method to perform a task. Preliminary analysis shows the data is not normal. Now you wish to confirm statistically if the average/median time of the new method is better.

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You have 5 groups of people submitted to different versions of a drug. Now you wish to know if all the versions have the same effectivity or not.

Label Just follow the steps below. You can hover over the options for additional information.

Step 1) What is the number of samples (groups) you want to compare? 

Number of samples

Step 2) Paste your data sample. (1 box for each sample)

(up to 2000 numbers separated by at least one space)

Step 3) Enter the desired configuration of the test.

Confidence Level  
Hypothesized difference    
Type of Alternative Hipothesis    



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