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Prior to analysing any data, it is useful to have a good understanding of the process.

New and innovative, the “1 Click Process Flow Chart” aims to facilitate the creation of process flow charts. If you think it is boring and time-consuming to create flow charts by dragging multiple boxes, lines and arrows, this tool is for you. Here you can create a complete flow chart with a single click directly from a table that lists the predecessors of each activity. You just need to inform the immediate supplier(s) of each step of the process.

Using the terminology provided by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI), you can populate the following table manually (by typing directly in the table) or you can download an auxiliary Excel template (recommended). Hover the mouse over the table and buttons for additional information.

To have a better idea of the tool, click now in the button "Draw Flow Chart" to create one based on the originally populated table (as example). More examples, here .

Item IDShort DescriptionDurationTeamBlock TypePredecessors' Item ID 

Instead of populating table manually, we recommend you to download  the Excel template, populate the Excel table, copy the table including headers and paste it in the textbox below. The template is also a proper way to save your tables for future utilization.

From Template:

Once the table is populated, just click on the button below to draw the flow chart:

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