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Label Here we test if your data set is IID (independent and identically distributed). This is a typical assumption for many statistical tests. The data is said independent if there is no significant correlation, and identically distributed if the data follow the same probability distribution. It means the data comes from a stationary process.

Label These tests require that the data is available in the same order they were observed. Typical applications are:

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You measured the transaction time of your process and now you want to perform an statisitcal test to compare if there has been a change in the mean, but before you have to check if your data is IID.
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As a supervisor of an administrative process, you have developed a different method to perform a task. Now you wish to confirm statistically if the variation has been reduced. Prior to that, is your data IID?

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You measured the interarrival time at a supermarket cashier. You wish to perform a test of goodness to identify a distribution that fits your data properly. Have you confirmed the IID assumption?

Label The first test aims to check if there is autocorrelation by using the well-known 'Ljung–Box test'. The second test measures the level of stability according to Glushkovsky, A. (2006) 'Stability Index of Stochastic Processes: The Statistical Process Control Approach. Economic Quality Control, 21(1), 87-111'.


Single Step) Paste your sample data in the text box.

(up to 2000 numbers separated by at least one space)

Ex: 113.47 86.62 91.99 86.56 111.51 84.44 78.73 111.06 91.53 107.23


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