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Label Here you can compute an estimate for the confidence interval of the mean and variance for your data. It is used a statistical technique called 'empirical bootstrap'. This is a non-parametric method, therefore it works for normal and non-normal data. Typical applications are:

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You measured the transaction time of your process and now you would like to know the 95% condidence interval of the mean transaction time.
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As a supervisor of an administrative process, you developed a different method to perform a task. Now you wish to know the confidence interval for the original and new method.
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You measured the interarrival time at a supermarket cashier. Now you wish to know the interval that has the actual mean with 95% statistical confidence.

Label Just follow the steps below. You can hover over the options for additional information.


Step 1) Paste your sample data in the text box.

(up to 2000 numbers separated by at least one space)

Ex: 113.47 86.62 91.99 86.56 111.51 84.44 78.73 111.06 91.53 107.23

Step 2) I'd like to have  confidence level in this statistical test.


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