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Label In this page you can determine if the mean of a sample differs significantly from a specified value or if the means of two samples are statistically different. The calculator is designed to be as practical and intuitive as possible returning a straight answer. The tool can assist users to solve problems like:

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In a company, historic data indicate that the average sale was $200 per transaction. After training your sales team, recent sales data (taken from a sample of 40 salesmen) indicates an average sale of $220, with a standard deviation of $17. Did the training work?
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As a supervisor of an administrative process, you have developed a different method to perform a task. Now you wish to confirm statistically if the average time of the new method is better.

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A survey with 5000 individuals reported that 1500 are left-handed (30% of the sample). Is there enough evidence that the proportion of left-handed in the population is higher than 25%?

Label Just follow the steps below. You can hover over the options for additional information.

Step 1) What would you like to compare ? Select one option: 

Step 2) Enter the desired configuration of the test.

Type of Alternative Hipothesis  
Hypothesized difference    
Confidence Level    

  Step 3) Enter the sample information.

  Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample 5 Sample 6
Sample size (n)
Sample mean
Standard dev.


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